Acast highlights news podcasts in new campaign for UK voters

As the General Election approaches, Acast has launched a campaign to illustrate the critical role news podcasts play in shaping public debate and informing voters.

Since the election was announced, there has been a 53% increase in unique listens to political-specific podcasts, according to Acast and Podchaser data.

In an age of disinformation, trusted publishers can help listeners stay informed with their podcasts, delivering the news from research teams that are consistently fact-checked, to give varied perspectives on the key issues and candidates shaping the upcoming General Election.

For advertisers, it’s never been more important to support these important voices with sponsorship opportunities, and aligning with a publisher brand is where the value lies.

Using a multichannel approach, Acast has launched an out-of-home advertising campaign across major railway stations, ensuring that the power of podcasts is visible to millions of daily commuters.

The “Acast Recommends” feature is also being used as a guide to the most insightful and influential of these political podcasts.

Running across Acast network, the Acast-made ads target listeners of similar podcasts, podcasts with shared demographics and audiences ensuring that every listener, regardless of political orientation, can cut through the politics and listen to what matters.

Alexandra Fuller, Head of Publishers, Acast UK said: “Podcasts have become a vital source of news and analysis, offering depth and nuance that traditional media forms often cannot capture. In the run-up to the General Election, podcasts provide a platform for voices from all spectrums of the political landscape, facilitating a more informed and engaged electorate.”

According to Acast’s data on its 125,000 podcasts, peak podcast listening occurs at 8am, during commuter hours.

Acast has placed adverts for its key news and politics podcasts as a visual reminder – in its out-of-home campaign in railway stations nationwide.

The campaign’s podcasts include The Guardian’s Today In Focus, Tortoise News, The Daily T from The Telegraph, Election Watch: The New Statesman Podcast from The New Statesman, Evening Standard’s The Standard, How to Win an Election from The Times, and The FT’s Political Fix.

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