Amazon Music launches Podcast Previews to enhance listening

Amazon Music has launched Podcast Previews in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

It allows customers to easily discover new podcast shows and episodes. Through Podcast Previews, listeners can access short, easy to digest, segments of full podcast episodes, allowing them to quickly and easily discover new podcasts through simple swipes.

Podcast Previews uses audio from the podcasts so listeners know exactly how it sounds and what it’s about, so they can easily make a decision about shows to listen to.

Previews are entirely personalised, based on customers’ listening history, other podcasts they follow, or have listened to, and usage of the previews experience.

The are a number of ways to access Podcast Previews including in the Amazon Music app on both the main and podcast homepages, by visiting previews on Amazon and by clicking ‘explore more podcasts’ on the Playlist tab in the Podcast library which takes you directly into the Podcast Previews experience.

The full preview can be listened to, then the next one will play, or it can be swiped forward or backward to switch to another preview.

While the preview is playing you can choose to listen to the full episode, add the episode to your playlist, follow the show, or go to the show detail page to explore further.

Podcast Previews is launching with titles from a range of studios such as Wondery and Sony Music Entertainment, and includes shows like Red Handed, Therapy Crouch, Casefile, British Scandal, The Litvinenko Affair, Where There’s A Will There’s A Wake, Terribly Famous, Brydon &, and more, continuing to grow to additional shows as the feature rolls out.

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