Death of King Boris III of Bulgaria investigated in new podcast

A new World War II murder mystery podcast will dig deep into the captivating world of the Butterfly King.

When King Boris III of Bulgaria dies amid mysterious circumstances during World War II, there’s no shortage of suspects. But more than eighty years later, his death remains unsolved.

This eight-episode limited podcast delves into the mysterious death of the Butterfly King, following a trail of dissidents, poisoners, soldiers and spies to unravel eighty years of lies and cover-ups. This tragic family saga of a doomed royal dynasty is a story of treachery, deceit and a quest for the truth.

Produced by Exactly Right Media and Blanchard House, written and produced by Emma Jane Kirby, the limited series is hosted by award-winning BBC journalist Becky Milligan.

Rosie Pye, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Blanchard House says: “This story is grand. It’s like The Crown, crossed with Sherlock Holmes – full of palaces, poisoning and international intrigue (after all he was the cousin to Queen Elizabeth), but it’s also a very personal story.

“He was the King, but he was also a father and it’s his two children who open up their hearts and lead this story: Who wanted him dead? Who had the opportunity to kill him? And who really was this man?”

Karen Kilgariff, CEO of Exactly Right Media added: “We’re excited to present The Butterfly King to our audience. This journalistic exploration of true crime is sure to captivate podcast listeners.”

Launching on 21 March, The Butterfly King will be available on all major podcast platforms with new episodes released weekly.

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