Hit podcast This is History returns for season five

This is History hosted by best-selling author, presenter and historian Dan Jones, returns for its fifth and most brutal season yet.

It’s 1306 and, no matter how many wars waged against him, King of Scotland Robert the Bruce’s invincibility is proving to be a thorn in the Plantagenet dynasty’s side.

Desperate to gain control of the Highlands, 68-year-old Edward I marches north to put the Scots in their place once and for all…only to die from dysentery. 

His heir, aptly named Edward, mourns the loss of his father by readmitting his exiled lover Piers Gaveston to England, far more interested in rekindling their passionate romance than ruling his tumultuous Kingdom.

As all the forces in the kingdom strive to keep Piers and Edward apart, their relationship causes momentous shifts in English politics. From Edward’s ambitious, violent cousin, Thomas of Lancaster, to his long-suffering, canny wife, Isabella of France, a power-struggle unlike anything the Middle Ages has ever seen is about to begin.

In a bloody narrative, the latest series of This is History explores an unsolved murder mystery that still leaves historians asking ‘whodunnit’.

From Sony Music Entertainment, This is History season five will be available weekly from 9 July on all podcast platforms.

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