How Bill Gates helped make podcast discovery much easier

Likewise, the Bill Gates-backed personalised entertainment discovery platform, has launched Pix, the world’s first personal entertainment companion.

Pix, a free service from Likewise, helps users find their next favourite TV show, movie, book, or podcast. Although it’s designed for use in the US and Canada for TV and film streaming, podcast and book data is available worldwide.

You can send Pix a question by sending an email to to receive entertainment recommendations. It can also answer questions on, in the Likewise mobile app, and on the Likewise connected TV app, where users can see their watchlist and stream instant recommendations directly on their TV. A text service is also available to the US and Canada (877) TEXTPIX (877-839-8749).

Pix isn’t just another AI chatbot, it combines 600 million consumer data points and machine learning algorithms from Likewise with the natural language processing of OpenAI to make finding content easy.

It learns the individual preferences of each user and provides them with recommendations that are personalised to their individual tastes. Pix even reaches out to users when new content becomes available that matches their personal interests.

“While AI chatbots have deservedly captured the public’s attention, personal companions like Pix will soon make AI practical for each of us, every day. Likewise is thrilled to introduce Pix, a true personal entertainment companion that is available anytime and anywhere to help all of us find our next favorite TV show, movie, book, or podcast,” said Ian Morris, CEO of Likewise.

You can find out more about Pix on the Likewise website.

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