How podcasting became a thing

In the digital era, people find all sorts of fun and new ways to entertain themselves. Podcasting may be considered a somewhat recent phenomenon, but it’s a phenomenon that has taken over the Internet. There are various kinds of podcasts available today.

Some of them focus on the world of gaming by covering the latest news in the industry, game releases, and events in gaming culture. Others choose to follow the film industry, while there are podcasts that ex-military personnel use to tackle global issues, science podcasts, and so on.

There are even several such podcasts dedicated to the world of iGaming. These podcasts are mostly run by industry experts and they voice their opinions on the latest trends of the industry. Some of them might focus on reviewing popular sites and their games by covering various sections. So they might say a site with guides for newcomers on how to play various casino games might be a good one if it combines that with a secure platform and interesting offers and so on. They might also comment on new games and features too.

What remains certain is that podcasts are more popular than ever. But how did podcasting become a thing and why?

The Origins of Podcasting

Nowadays, podcasts are as popular as some of the top platforms for streaming. They are available on multiple platforms too such as YouTube, Twitch, and more. As with any popular phenomenon, they had a humble beginning in the 2000s.

The word podcast comes from two other words, namely iPod and broadcast, and Apple is credited for coining the term. The people who created the proper system for podcasting are Dave Winer and Adam Curry. They created the proper RSS feed to distribute content to the masses, but also create that content.

One of the key technological contributions to the rise of podcasting was the iPod. It was content aimed at people using that device, but it grew to staggering popularity. Nowadays, it’s available on multiple devices as many people go for it.

High-speed internet is to blame for the expansion of podcasting. The various platforms made it available for most people which is why nowadays anyone can host a podcast. Its soaring popularity states that it might become a permanent source of entertainment. Aside from technology and humble beginnings, there are many reasons why podcasting is the mammoth of online entertainment.

Diversification and Content Evolution

As we moved toward a digital era, podcasting became more popular. Several platforms started having the proper support for people to start their podcasts. With the high-speed Internet, they were just minutes away from recording their first episodes.

Professionals from various areas started filming episodes and broadcasting them. They could cover various topics such as music. Nowadays, there are countless industry professionals covering music, they are even members of top broadcasting channels.

Aside from music, people don’t shy away from covering other topics such as politics, gaming and general wellbeing. Aside from professionals, there are regular people such as Chris Williamson and Joe Rogan who started podcasts for fun. They talk to various people on various topics and entertain their audiences that way.

Wellbeing podcasts focus on various aspects of psychology, mental health, relationships, discipline and other similar topics. Gaming podcasts cover the latest games in the industry, various gaming trends and possibly the outcomes of various e-sports tournaments. Film podcasts cover what’s happening in the film industry and so on.

There are also clothing podcasts that might focus on the latest fashion trends and those that cover retro and classic looks. With examples like these, it’s evident that the world of podcasting is diverse when it comes to topics. Anyone can start a podcast on a variety of things, and not even be an expert in anything.

Accessibility and Cultural Impact

Thanks to the global outreach anyone with an Internet connection can access any podcast in the world. All they need is a device that can connect to the net and they’re set on their podcasting journey. Accessibility isn’t a problem in the digital era, as there are various devices that can establish a connection online. In other words, you can watch your favourite podcast on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Aside from that there are multiple platforms that support podcasting. You can go for the audio and video format present on platforms such as YouTube, or you can go for the audio format present on platforms like Spotify. In other words, the audience doesn’t have to stick to a single device, as they can enjoy it on a PC as well as on the go. Aside from that they can decide which format they will enjoy the podcast in.

Accessibility is key to a global reach in a digital era. Aside from that, each podcast out there has a phenomenal cultural impact. That’s because each podcast provides new information to thousands if not millions of people across the world. Podcasting can be a useful form of entertainment and a useful way of keeping oneself informed.

Aside from that, podcasters can use their platforms as business models and launch their own products and services. They might promote clothes, drinks, and all sorts of other products, but they will certainly try to keep the business active. They already have a big audience that they can turn into potential clients that would buy from them.

The best part about this is that they’ve already got a marketing platform and a simple strategy will get them a desired outcome. This might be another reason why people will be looking to start podcasts. For some types of podcasters, such as clothes and wellness podcasters, it makes sense that they’re using their platform to sell products.

To Wrap Up

Podcasting remains one of the most popular hobbies today. Although it started small, now it’s available globally via various devices. Experts and regular people can create podcasts and cover various topics that will create a cultural impact like no other. With that in mind, podcasting is here to stay.

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