Investigative podcast investigates internet’s favourite lost song

A new podcast investigates the internet’s favourite lost song, Ulterior Motives, known widely online as Everyone Knows That.

For years, internet sleuths tried to figure out where the song came from and to find it in full. Earlier this year, it was discovered . . . in some porn from the 80s.

Hosted by Josh Chapdelaine, CEO of Lost Media, Associate Director of the Media Studies MA at CUNY Queens College, Everyone Knows That: The Search for Ulterior Motives asks how the song got found and how it was made.

In research and interviews, across five episodes, Chapdelaine unravels this strange and delightful tale.

In 2021, anonymous user Carl92 uploaded a 17-second sample of a song that changed lost media forever. The catchy tune sounded familiar to so many people. But for years nobody could find it.

Everyone Knows That: The Search for Ulterior Motives looks at the history of the song, the theories pursued, the hoaxes created, and the song’s shocking discovery.

Those interviewed across the miniseries include Kyle Gordon (comedian, musician), Violet Sky (musician, media archivist), Grafton Tanner (author, educator), Jordan Rumsey (creator), Julian Gray (musician and designer), Reed Berkowitz (award-winning games designer), Adam Bumas (journalist), Christopher Saint Booth, Philip Adrian Booth, and more.

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