Kellie Shirley writes and stars in podcast drama series ROAR

Actress Kellie Shirley has written a new six-part explosive podcast drama series based on her own life experiences.

ROAR stars Kellie herself, alongside Danny Dyer, Lorraine Ashbourne and Richie Campbell. The series tackles difficult subjects including child abuse, addiction and a failing justice system.

Produced by Spirit Studios in association with The Children’s Society, ROAR is a drama series where working-class London and Irish spirit battle through the worst situation life can throw at you but come back fighting for justice and redemption.

The story is set in a diverse community in South London and Belfast, with a focus on a mother to three young children – whose life is about to change irreversibly. The drama unfolds when a couple’s love of parties creates an almighty butterfly effect, impacting the whole family catastrophically – forever.

Themes of love, sex, addiction, abuse and thirst for revenge collide explosively. But far from relentlessly bleak, ROAR is peppered throughout with rich humour and spirit of authentic working-class voices. This is a story about womanhood and finding your inner Lioness.

Kellie Shirley said: “There are moments in here that are stolen from my own life and even though there’s some material that’s challenging – it’s not relentlessly bleak. I’m ready to ROAR!”

Matt Campion, founder of Spirit Studios added: “In a time where impact TV like ‘It’s A Sin’ and ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office’ is affecting huge change in the world, we have the same ambition with ROAR. We’re on a mission at Spirit to create purpose-driven IP in audio, scale it to TV and reach as big an audience as we possibly can with impactful content.”

ROAR launches on all major podcast platforms on 26 April.

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