Lu Featherstone launches The Self Love Revolution podcast

Midlife mindset shifter, positivity rebel, and style coach Lu Featherstone takes her self-love rebellion into the podcast sphere with a brand-new weekly show.

The Self Love Revolution podcast, a Global Original production, is an extension of Lu’s lifework empowering women to unleash their inner confidence, embrace their uniqueness and live joyful lives on their own terms.

From dispelling menopause myths to refining personal style and learning to embrace solitude, Lu will address taboo subjects with guests such as Davina McCall and Alexis (formerly Natalie) Lee, author of Feeling Myself.

The Self Love Revolution itself began after Lu’s divorce, which she says was “one of the most harrowing days of my life” where she started a journey to inspire and connect with as many women as she possibly could.

In a newly acquired 30ft neon leopard print bus nicknamed Susie, she travelled the US, driving 6000 miles and stopping in 28 states. Along the way, Susie became Lu’s home and an event space where she held talks on self-love, women’s rights, masturbation and hosted clothes swaps.

Now back in the UK with Susie in tow, The Self Revolution podcast will explore what it means to live a healthy, fulfilling life – it’s a roadmap to reclaiming power and embracing your true self, covering everything from the importance of pleasure (namely an episode entitled ‘how not to die without having an orgasm’) to the art of setting boundaries.

Lu says: “When a woman shows up for herself, she shows up for everyone around her! And when one woman sets herself free, she sets another one free. And that’s the Revolution baby.”

The Self Love Revolution is both a podcast and a call to action inspired by Lu’s own journey of self-discovery. It’s available weekly on Global Player and all other major podcast platforms from Monday 8 April.

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