Many Capital Returns – a personal reflection 50 years on

Capital Radio’s first breakfast show presenter, David Symonds tells his personal story and reflects on the station’s journey to launch, in a new podcast.

Many Capital Returns has been released by Global to coincide with the station’s 50th anniversary last week on 16 October.

Capital Radio was Britain’s first music-based, legally licensed, independent local radio station – serving the Greater London area.

David’s breakfast show went on air immediately after chairman Richard Attenborough’s opening announcement at 5.00 am. Now, 50 years on, David has presented and produced the four-episode podcast revealing the intriguing story behind the station which had a rocky start, its brush with bankruptcy just days from closure and its unique connection with Londoners.

Guests include pioneers from the time, board members and the teenagers who, in 1970 on a beach in Sussex, dared to dream the dream of launching their own station.

Because David was there at the beginning, he is able to personalise the story as he reveals from behind the scenes, what really happened in those early days and how it paved the way for Capital to go on to be the successful national brand it is today.

Many Capital Returns is available now on Global Player.

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