Matt Edmondson and Adam Kay join forces to host new podcast

The List of Absolutely Everything That Might Kill You is a new podcast from Matt Edmondson and Adam Kay.

Radio 1 DJ Matt and author Adam join forces to explore the morbid histories of everything from deadly doorbells and lawnmowers, to fatal feather boas and pufferfish.

They provide the tools you need to survive the unexpected dangers lying in wait at work, during the commute, and even in the comfort of our own homes!

Each episode sees the pair make the case for an object’s inclusion on the lethal league table. Then, using a combination of colourful anecdotal evidence and cutting-edge scientific analysis, they will determine the definitive ranking of absolutely everything that might kill you!

Friends, Matt and Adam have very different outlooks on life. While Adam has been exposed to death and danger in his former life as a doctor, Matt is fearful of pretty much everything, and would rather stay at home than risk the dangers that lurk in the outside world.

Professor Jennifer Visser-Rogers is the podcast’s resident statistician. She specialises in applying statistics to the health industry and real-world problems. Her role is to make sure the podcast stays on track, putting numbers to some of Matt and Adam’s sweeping statements.

A Podimo and What’s The Story Sounds production, The List of Absolutely Everything That Might Kill You launches on all podcast platforms from 4 April.

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