New podcast asks uncomfortable questions about who we are

How did Britain’s dreams of a new post-war world go unfulfilled and what does that mean for us today?

Out of the ruins of the Second World War, the British people were promised a better world. What happened to these promises and how do we win them back?

In Jam Tomorrow, the new series from Podmasters, host Ros Taylor investigates Britain’s history and modern identity by talking to politicians, commentators and eyewitnesses to find out how Britain’s history still holds back its future.

Ros looks at the legacy of the War itself in the first episode of the series. Ιdeals of the Blitz Spirit and dreams of wartime heroism still shape everything from pop culture and entertainment to the Brexit debate. But the truth of the War is more complex and less comforting. What will it take for us to see the Second World War, and ourselves, clearly?

New episodes of Jam Tomorrow are released every Monday from today, on all podcast platforms.

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