New podcast from Joe Brolly and Dion Fanning launches on Acast

Free State is a new podcast from Ireland launching on the Acast Creator Network.

The brand-new show covers topics from sport to politics, love to losses, the human condition and how to fix the world. Guest will include Nigerian princes, former Prime Ministers, ex-convicts, footballers, boxers and extraordinary people from every walk of life.

Joe Brolly and Dion Fanning host the show. Joe is a barrister who once donated a kidney to a stranger and then led a crusade to transform organ donation on the island of Ireland. Dion is an award-winning interviewer and author.

Dion Fanning said: “Free State is an incredibly exciting podcast to be a part of. My background is interviewing, and I think our guests on Free State will be part of conversations like no other. I think people will be surprised by the Joe Brolly they hear on this podcast too.”

Joe Brolly added: “The 21st century resembles a factory—our politics, schools, and sports. Everyone sounds the same and plays the same and looks the same. I worry we no longer think for ourselves.

“Hatred of others is on the rise, with some of the most vulnerable human beings targeted for political gain. Facts, logic and science are under attack like never before.

“The only defence against this is critical thinking. We want to explore the world with anger and humour, and empathy. We want to achieve a free state of mind & hope you will join us on the journey.”

Jennifer Dollard, Creator Network Director, Ireland commented: “Joe and Dion’s calm yet playful take on current affairs is a welcome addition to our Acast roster. We’re looking forward to guiding Free State through its launch and growing the show with the help of the Acast Marketplace.

“Acast is dedicated to supporting Irish voices, and with our development, we can help introduce listeners to the Free State of mind.”

Free State is available wherever you get your podcast, including Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

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