New podcast makes sense of US Presidential Election for UK audience

A new weekly podcast, AMERICAN FRICTION, is designed to explain America’s electoral chaos to the curious, busy and quite possibly baffled British listener.

From Podmasters, the show is co-presented in London by Jacob Jarvis (Oh God, What Now?, Newsweek) and former Washington reporter Chris Jones with on-the-spot analysis from Rolling Stone political reporter Nikki McCann Ramirez in Washington.

Each week they’ll talk to American political insiders ranging from the New York Times’ Molly Jong-Fast to CEO of The Onion Ben Collins to Democratic Coalition co-founder Scott Dworkin.

“We know there’s a hunger to understand this massive electoral contest,” says co-presenter and Podmasters Managing Editor Jacob Jarvis. “But the papers and TV tend to get lost in wonkish detail for political insiders.

“We’ll cut through the waffle to bring listeners an exciting, vivid snapshot of what’s happening in the campaign – with the trademark edge and sense of humour that make Podmasters shows like Paper Cuts and Oh God, What Now? into listener favourites.”

AMERICAN FRICTION will be available on all podcast platforms every Friday afternoon from 3 May, counting down to the vote on 6 November.

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