New podcast on Elon Musk launched by Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Media has launched a new weekly podcast series, Elon, Inc. breaking down, analysing and debating stories on Elon Musk and his empire. 

Host David Papadopoulos and a panel of Bloomberg Businessweek journalists who are tracking Musk’s companies will discuss his latest moves and analyse how they might affect us.

The weekly panel will feature Bloomberg’s Max Chafkin, Sarah Frier and Dana Hull, among a rotating roster of additional Bloomberg journalists.

The first episode examines Musk’s AI chatbot Grok and the UAW’s push to unionise Tesla. It will be followed by a second bonus episode that will take listeners behind-the-scenes of Musk biographer Ashlee Vance’s Bloomberg Businessweek cover story on Neuralink.

Elon, Inc. launches today, 8 November on all podcast platforms.

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