New podcast tells the story of the band that almost was

Even If It Kills Me is a documentary podcast about the lives of Jon, Mac, Ryan, and Pete as they set out across the US to try and make it as rock stars in the 00s.

Written and narrated by the band’s companion Aaron Joy, the podcast features contemporary interviews and archive recordings to demonstrate inner workings of tour life, all unfolding during the music industry’s demise, as massive technological shifts upended business models that had existed for decades.

Produced by Fang Workshop, Even If It Kills Me is part Almost Famous, part Bad News Bears and part This American Life.

From the highs of early hometown gigs to the soul-crushing lows of endless tours with thin crowds, Even If It Kills Me is an honest look at what it’s really like to try to make it as a musician, and what happens when it doesn’t quite pan out.

“It’s a universal story for people who always wanted to be in bands,” Joy says. “Even more than that, it’s a universal story for anyone who’s ever had a wild dream, and then crash landed into adulthood.”

In the end, it may have been a bridge too far as after seven years, the band collapsed under the exhaustion of trying to keep the whole thing going.

Even If It Kills Me isn’t just a story for all the bands who never made it, but for anyone who had a wild dream and crash landed into adulthood. The first two episodes are available now on most podcast platforms.

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