New podcast tells the world’s most astonishing rescue stories

Primitive survival expert and United States Marine Corps Veteran, Donny Dust, is to host a new series from Sony Music Entertainment, Rescue.

This 20-part weekly podcast series is set to explore the stories behind incredible rescue missions from all over the globe.

While some of the accounts have previously made headlines, the team at Sony have unearthed several new and original stories. Many of the interviewees have never shared their stories before now.

Each episode includes accounts of both collective and individual acts of heroism. From experienced first responders to everyday civilian heroes rising to the occasion.

Those featuring include the para rescuer who made the ultimate sacrifice, parachuting blindly into frozen arctic waters to save a father and son, trapped in a freak ice storm.

Also, the commuter caught up in the London Paddington Crash; one of the UK’s worst rail disasters. His fearless actions saved countless lives while chaos reigned around him.

And, the US miners trapped by a colossal underground flood. What ensued was a 77-hour race against time to stop the water rising and save their lives.

The stories told in Rescue strike a familiarity with Donny’s own experiences. As part of the Search and Rescue Unit in the US Marine Corps, Donny delivered triage care to his comrades in active war zones. Nowadays he teaches hunting and survival skills to his 10.7 million followers on TikTok.

Rescue with Donny Dust launches on all podcast platforms from Tuesday 10 October.

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