New podcast This is Not a Drill explains world’s urgent issues

This Is Not A Drill is a podcast bringing geopolitics out of the sterile think tank world to explain urgent issues affecting us today.

Presented by veteran BBC foreign reporter Gavin Esler and guest journalists, the podcast from Podmasters examines great power rivalries, corruption, disinformation, climate upheavals and raw realpolitik that could be pushing our world to the brink of disaster.

This Is Not A Drill is the new name for Doomsday Watch, Podmasters’ previous hit geopolitics podcast which had over 2.7 million downloads. It will talk to experts, analysts, on-the-ground witnesses and strategists to explore what’s really going on in global flashpoints that go underreported in conventional media.

Topics covered will range from Iran’s influence in the Middle East to the forces pushing Trump to the White House to Beijing’s ambitions across the South China Sea.

With atmospheric theme music by Paul Hartnoll from the acclaimed electronic band Orbital, This is Not a Drill is available every Wednesday and two days early for Patreon supporters.

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