Nicky Campbell’s podcast Different returns for new series

The third series of Nicky Campbell’s award-winning BBC Radio 5 Live podcast Different is launching this week.

Released weekly, the podcast features interviews from a range of guests, exploring what makes them so extraordinarily different.

Robert Mazur, a former under-cover federal agent who operated in the deep underworld, kicks off the first episode with stories of how he acted as a high-level money launderer for members of the Columbian drug cartels.

His story was adapted into the 2016 film ‘The Infiltrator’ starring Bryan Cranston. Mazur said: “I changed the course of many people’s lives. I ruined many people’s lives. It was a knock-on effect. If I was one of them, I’d want to kill me. They did want to kill me. They still do. I’m not very popular.”

He also talks of how he dreams of a ‘normal’ life: “I may just decide to come out. It’s really kind of stressful. What can I say? ‘I’m sorry about that? Let’s get on with our lives.’ I’d just like to not have to live the way we presently do. I’d like to live the way my neighbours live.”

Other guests lined up for the new series include Katy Morgan-Davies, the daughter of a cult leader who was locked up for 30 years, Zac Ebrahim, the son of one of the men charged with the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing and Joseph Parris, a New York barber and wig maker with some astonishing stories, including that he was Frank Sinatra’s long-standing barber!

On the return of the new series, Nicky Campbell says: “I am so delighted to be bringing back another series of our award-winning podcast, Different.

“Loyal listeners should know by now that I love talking to people from all walks of life and listening to their remarkable stories.

“From Frank Sinatra’s long-standing barber to an undercover agent who laundered money for Pablo Escobar’s infamous cartel, a daughter born into her father’s cult and a son to one of the men who planned the World Trade Centre bombing in 1993, this series is full of ear catching real-life stories and I can’t wait for you to hear them.”

BBC Radio 5 Live’s Lead Commissioning Editor, Richard Maddock adds: “To win the gold in this year’s British Podcast Awards illustrates just how unique and impactful ‘Different’ is.

“Nicky is a master of his craft and one of the country’s best interviewers. In ‘Different’, he takes us on a journey to understand the lives of extraordinary people.

“We are really proud of this podcast, it not only entertains the audience, but has changed people’s lives. We’re really excited for this brand-new series which will once again introduce you to some incredible individuals who have some fascinating stories to tell.”

Series three of Different will launch on BBC Sounds on Wednesday 22 November.

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