Podcast Radio details US launch at New York Podcast Futures conference

Podcast Radio has confirmed it is to launch in America as it looks to syndicate its programming in the US.

Speaking at the company’s Podcast Futures conference in New York yesterday, Director Paul Chantler made the announcement, although no launch date has been set.

“The growth in our audience is driven mainly by the increasing use of smart speakers and digital devices. Half our online listeners are here in the States,” said Chantler. “We think Podcast Radio provides a powerful way to drive audiences to entertaining and engaging speech radio that isn’t news or sports.

“It’s a great opportunity for radio brands to become involved in the podcast world and offer rich content which listeners find attractive and accessible,” he added.

The US version of Podcast Radio will be made available for broadcast on FM/AM, HD, streaming and local podcast platforms on a barter and cash licensing basis. Stations can opt for a 24-hour feed or programme by daypart.

Giving an insight into the station’s future, Chantler said: “Think of your favourite music radio station …. But instead of songs, the station plays three-minute clips of podcasts. Just like a music station, we’d create a database of clips and rotate them.

“We’ll use AI tech to create the clips and build our database to showcase hundreds of podcasts. Think of this as speech radio in the style of music radio. Another mashup!

“Podcast Radio will be structured and sound like a traditional music radio station but instead of playing to promote albums, will play clips of podcasts to promote podcast series and episodes.

“We’re going to apply to podcasting the established music radio philosophy that listeners will stay tuned to a station even if they don’t like a song just to hear what’s coming next.

“That’s the station we can hear in our heads. We’re planning it right now. Initially, we’ll offer it as a daily show but eventually it will extend to become 24/7.

“Podcast Radio is coming to North America … and we have an innovative and intoxicating vision of where we want to be next.”

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