Pop Off a new podcast for all your pop culture cravings

Pop Off is a no holds barred podcast where Lewys Ball and Isla Loba react to the latest pop culture news and trends.

YouTuber and presenter Lewys, who has over 1.4 million followers across social media, joins forces with TikToker and model Isla, who is best known for starring on ITV’s Peckham’s Finest, for the new series of Pop Off.

They will feature topics from reality TV and award shows to TikTok drama and DM slides. Whether it’s rating their favourite couples on Love Island, debating fashion fails on the red carpet, or discussing the latest gossip about the Kardashians.

We’re told their conversations will be hilarious and downright outrageous, the kind usually kept confined to the group chat. The pair will also talk about about their own experiences of the social influencer world, including their highs and lows – they’re going to be brutally honest.

Lewys says: “I’m so excited to be bringing back Pop Off with the brilliant team at Stak. We’re making it even bigger and better with my friend Isla joining me every week. We’ll be giving our takes on all the controversies, gossip & scandals from A-List celebs to reality TV stars (and we won’t be holding back)!”

Isla Adds: “Bringing everyone’s group chat to the podcast studio. I’m so excited to chat about all things pop culture, celeb goss, and all the scandalous behaviours on none other than Pop Off!! I’ll be joining Lewys as his fabulous new co-host, working with a great team at Stak. Make sure you lock in!”

Pop Off is a Stak production and will be available every Thursday from 9 March on Apple, Spotify, Acast and all podcast providers.

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