Professor Paul Dolan’s podcast helps us get happier in 10 minutes

New podcast series Get Happier will provide various insights to help us design being happier in our daily lives.

Host, Professor Paul Dolan, through ten short episodes each starting with a letter, will identify key sources of pleasure and purpose, the power of attention, and how the evidence can help.

Among the episodes are G is for Go, E is for Employment, T is for Tales and H is for Hurdles as the podcast provides all you need to know about how to get happier in 10 episodes of 10 minutes.

He will talk about overcoming some of the obstacles in achieving happiness, such as bad habits, behavioural biases, and society’s expectations of us.

Paul Dolan is Professor of Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is also author of the bestselling books Happiness By Design: Finding Pleasure and Purpose in Everyday Life and Happy Ever After: A Radical New Approach to Living Well.

Over the past three decades, Professor Paul Dolan’s research has focussed on several areas, ranging from the impacts of the responses to the pandemic to social class and social mobility, from the measurement and valuation of health to the theory and practice of nudging. Paul’s research has been used widely by government institutions in designing and evaluating public policy.

professor paul dolan
Professor Paul Dolan

Speaking about his new podcast series, Paul says: “There’s no one-size-fits- all approach when it comes to being happier. But there are some important lessons that we can all learn and apply that I will talk about in this podcast to help you navigate your own way towards being happier.”

Get Happier is supported by the London School of Economics and Political Science and the ESRC Festival of Social Science. It will be available on all podcast platforms from 30 October.

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