Sex Education cast on Call of the Wild podcast with Cel Spellman and WWF

Sex Education’s Tanya Reynolds and Kedar Williams-Stirling are the next guest on Call of the Wild podcast with Cel Spellman and WWF, the podcast that looks at how we repair our relationship with the natural world and avert the environmental crisis.

The episode is focused on food and deforestation as Tanya and Kedar talk about the efforts they’re making to eat more sustainably, as well as the upcoming season of Sex Education.

Talking about season three of Sex Education, they explain there are new scandals to come and that because of COVID they had to film in winter rather than in the summer, which made it feel different.

Kedar reveals how conscious his character Jackson would be on his diet, and the show telling him he was too small and needed to train. Training for the show meant he had to change his diet because he was told he was too small for the role.

Tanya thinks her character Lily will be the next Greta Thunberg: “I think as she gets older, I think she’s definitely, probably going to become a little Greta Thunberg type.”

The pair also talk about their move to a plant-based lifestyle. For Kedar, it was around four or five years ago when he came across Dr Sebi who talks about veganism and the health benefits from it. He says that from then, its become a journey.

Tanya says that for her it’s all about doing things gradually. After becoming vegetarian she eventually went back to eating meat and then decided to give it up again, but slowly. This way she’s been able to figure out it best works for her and feels better for it.

They both give an insight into what they want to do over the next couple of years to help the planet. These include things like paying more attention to where things come from and growing their own food.

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