Shania Twain shares Glastonbury secrets with Ken Bruce on Rayo app

Ahead of her performing in the Glastonbury Legends slot this weekend, Shania Twain sat down with Ken Bruce for a chat about what festivalgoers can expect this Sunday.

In an intimate chat exclusively available now on new audio app Rayo before being broadcast on Greatest Hits Radio (4pm this Saturday, 29 June), Shania shared some Glastonbury set secrets, reminisced about her first ever performance and explained why the UK feels like home.

She reveals how much of a wow it was to get the Glastonbury call and says the closer it comes, the more everyone tells her about it in their own individual stories as well their own experiences.

“Everyone seems to be such a dedicated fan of the festival, it sounds as though it’s a very bonding experience for everybody,” she tells Ken. “It’s an event where everybody bonds over whether it’s great weather or bad weather or whatever it is that’s happening so I think it’s more than just a music festival, it’s a community gathering, a stamp, an annual stamp that everyone experiences.”

With regard to her set list, Shania says she’ll sing everything that everybody knows so there’s no guessing.

“It’s just all about the hits. It’s all about singing together and having fun. It’s all about the shoulder-to-shoulder experience, isn’t it? Everybody wants to just sing along and sway along. They want to feel and I want it to feel familiar to everyone.

“And this is what I love about the time of the Legends slot because in it’s still daytime and I can see everybody. I’ll be able to see all the way to the back. I’ll be able to see the scope, the view because I see the audience as a unit. I really feel like it’s an environment and all the energy is individual. And I love the people watching. I love to watch people,” she admits.

Shainia feels at home in the UK, she says: “I always feel at home when I’m here. Yeah, I really do. A sense of humour and there’s a charm here that makes me feel at home. There’s always a quaint corner somewhere or street that you can walk down. And there’s just a lot about the atmosphere that makes me feel comfortable.”

When Ken asked about her first performance, she explained it probably doesn’t really qualify as a first performance but remembers her mother putting her on the countertops in restaurants because she would always sing out loud with a jukebox from the seat from their table.

“People would take notice so she decided to put me on top of the table and let me sing so people could see me,” she recalls.

Ken also asks if she’s ready for the rain at the weekend and she reveals what she’s taking with her in case the heavens open: “I decided I would wear a cowboy hat in case it does rain. I prefer a cowboy hat to, like, a rain hat – so much more stylish than a plastic hat!”

The full interview is available now exclusively on the new Rayo app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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