Steph McGovern and Robert Peston launch new podcast

The Rest is Money is a new podcast hosted by business correspondent and broadcaster Steph McGovern and economics expert Robert Peston.

It’s the latest in ‘The Rest Is’ format from Goalhanger Podcasts and will look at economics, business and finance.

Old friends, Steph and Robert will explore everything we need to know about the issues that affect us in our everyday lives: how will AI affect your job and our economic prospects? Are we stuck with higher inflation for years to come? Why are wealthy nations like Saudi Arabia buying up sport?

Steph says: “We’ve all been told that ‘money makes the world go round‘ but who is making it and how? And what about when things go wrong? We want to talk about money in the same way we talk about sport, culture and telly.

“Looking at the stories and personalities behind the headlines and working out what it means for everyone in the here and now.”

Robert adds: “We’re doing a show called ‘The Rest is Money’ because too many people have too little, and a few people have way more than they could ever possibly need or use.

“Every week Steph and I will examine the business, tech and economic shifts that are making us richer and poorer. We want to give you the information, on the players and the trends, that put you in control, and we’re going to have fun too.”

Jack Davenport, Managing Director and co-founder of Goalhanger Podcasts said: “At Goalhanger, we love pairing engaging presenters with great camaraderie. Steph was Robert’s producer during the 2008 financial crisis at the BBC, so we’re excited to bring their unique perspectives together again.

“In all our podcasts we try to make big subjects engaging and entertaining; we thought the captivating world of money was the perfect next step for our ‘The Rest Is…’ series.”

Tony Pastor, Creative Director and co-founder of Goalhanger Podcasts: “Never has there been a better time for an informed and entertaining conversation about money and business and how the economy works. We believe that Steph and Robert are perfectly placed to offer real insight into a subject that affects us and fascinates us in equal measure.”

The first episode of The Rest is Money will launch during the afternoon of Wednesday 30 August.

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