Steve Bunce to host 5 Live Boxing podcast event in Liverpool

Steve Bunce is taking the BBC Radio 5 Live Boxing podcast back on the road for the next part of his Across the UK tour.

This time he is heading to Liverpool, where he will be hosting a homecoming event being recorded in front of a live audience, for three fighters from the city, who have all won world titles: Natasha Jonas, Callum Smith, and Nick Ball.

As well as their future plans, the trio will discuss the latest from the world of boxing and answer questions from the live audience which members of the public can be a part of.

Talking about hosting the event in Liverpool, Steve Bunce said: “There aren’t many cities or towns in Great Britain where fifteen- and sixteen-year-old boxers are celebrated. Liverpool, like Belfast, is one of those cities and that’s the true judge of a cities boxing calibre.

“All cities can have an outlier … a one-off man or woman who carries the flame, but how deep does it go? Liverpool it goes very deep … it goes right into the heart of city and the communities where those boxing gyms are.

“We are delighted to be hosting our next event in Liverpool, it’s going to be a fantastic conversation and we hope as many local boxing fans can join us as possible.”

This is the fifth date of the 5 Live Boxing Tour which has already taken place in Belfast, Cardiff, Cromer and Leeds, as 5 Live celebrates local boxing heroes at each of the shows.

The event will take place on Wednesday 17 July at Punch Tarmey’s in Liverpool. Tickets are free will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. You can apply for a maximum of two tickets here.

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