Thoma Bravo’s Behind the Deal podcast launches season two

Leading software investment firm Thoma Bravo has launched the second season of its business podcast, Thoma Bravo Behind the Deal.

The podcast looks at some of the firm’s largest carveouts, acquisitions and mergers as well as strategies behind Thoma Bravo’s software and technology portfolio.

Season two episodes will continue to provide first person accounts from the firm’s investment partners and portfolio company CEOs, including from J.D. Power, ConnectWise, Flexera and Syntellis Performance Solutions, on their collaboration to make great companies even greater, accelerate innovation and unlock further growth.

They sit down to share how the deals came together, the challenges and wins they faced and their strategies to position the companies for ongoing success.

Bonus episodes will also be released bi-weekly on Thoma Bravo’s new spin-off series Beyond the Deal, which will further explore the lessons and leadership advice from the firm’s investment partners and portfolio company CEOs.

In an “ask me anything” format, discussions will include what motivates each leader, how they got to where they are and what they do to continue performing at the top.

Orlando Bravo, a Founder and Managing Partner at Thoma Bravo said: “We are thrilled with the enthusiasm that our first season generated and are excited to share with our listeners even more of the stories shaping our portfolio in season two.

“In our 20+ year history of collaborating with management teams and providing capital and strategic support to software and technology companies, we have no shortage of anecdotes, lessons learned, memorable successes and good humour for our listeners to enjoy.”

The new season begins with a conversation between A.J. Rohde, a Senior Partner at Thoma Bravo, and Flint Brenton, CEO of Syntellis Performance Solutions.

Thoma Bravo’s Behind the Deal is available on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Google, Amazon or wherever you listen to your podcasts. New episodes will be released every Thursday, alternating with Behind the Deal episodes and bonus content from the Beyond the Deal series.

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