Tink Media launches latest edition of Podcast Group Therapy

Tink Media is to hold the spring session of Podcast Group Therapy which will be focused on promo swaps.

Podcast Group Therapy is a programme held quarterly, which is designed to help any podcast creator access niche marketing tips and community support through cost-effective workshops.

This spring’s session will be focused on mastering the art of promo swaps, a key strategy in broadening a podcast’s reach and building sustainable audience growth.

On Friday 26 April, the session will showcase the versatility and power of podcast promos.

Participants will gain insights into the art of crafting compelling promos, the importance of selecting the right formats, and how to forge mutually beneficial partnerships. Plus, attendees will learn about Tink Media’s Swap Database, a resource designed to help search for the ideal collaboration partners.

“Choosing topics for our sessions is a thoughtful process aimed at addressing the most pressing needs for podcasters today,” says Holly Brown, Podcast Marketing Specialist at Tink Media. “This quarter’s focus on promo swaps is a direct response to community feedback!”

There will also be a new feature for participants in the latest session – exclusive access to a participant-only group. The aim of the group will be to foster a continuous environment for networking and collaborative growth, enabling the community to support and inspire one another beyond the session.

The cost of a one-hour session of Podcast Group Therapy via Zoom is $100 per person. For more details and to secure your spot in the upcoming session, visit Tink Media’s website or email: hello@tinkmedia.co.

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