Writer Grace Timothy launches podcast exploring what it’s like as a woman with ADHD

Is It My ADHD? is a brand-new podcast series with writer and host Grace Timothy exploring what it really feels like to have ADHD.

Throughout this 10-part series, she has honest conversations with women about their experiences. Guests include skincare expert Caroline Hirons, influencer Natalie Lee, author Dr Pragya Agarwal and writer Stacey Duguid.

Having been diagnosed with ADHD at 37, Grace is still getting her head around what it means for her past, present and future. Today, there are around 2 million women thought to be walking around the UK with undiagnosed ADHD. It’s a global epidemic with much research and diagnostic criteria being based on the male clinical picture, despite the fact girls and women present differently.

Each week, Grace speaks to a guest about one common theme of ADHD, from friendships and work to dating and motherhood. They’ll also be joined by an expert providing real talk on how the condition affects behaviours.

As society starts realising that ADHD isn’t just for little boys, Grace explores the big questions like: Is it my ADHD when… I’m impatient? I swear in front of my mother-in-law? I struggle to hold onto friends? I find myself going into the details of my menstrual cycle with a stranger in the supermarket?!

The podcast is for everyone, not just those with ADHD. Listeners can expect to hear the highs, the lows and the hilarious by-products being neurodivergent, as well as discovering how we can better support one another along the way.

The first episode of Is It My ADHD? will be available on 17 March.

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