Adoption: The Making of Me gives new perspective on adoption stories

Adoption: The Making of Me is a podcast that gives a different perspective on adoptive stories through the eyes of adult adoptees.

In contrast to the way the media tends to portray stories about adoption, these personal conversations are to help us understand the harm and healing adoptees go through.

Each episode sees Sarah Reinhardt and Louise Brown speak with a fellow adoptee about their experience and the many ways adoption has impacted their life.

Sarah and Louise are former business partners who had a successful ice cream truck in Los Angeles, before teaming up again with Adoption: The Making of Me. Both Sarah and Louise are adoptees from the Baby Scoop Era and have shared the details of their adoption experiences and how speaking with fellow adoptees on the show has helped them on their healing journey.

Even though the show’s focus is on adoption stories, it explores themes of abandonment, anxiety, finding community, and searching for identity.

The show is also divided into seasons, based on a book about adoption that Sarah and Louise read together and review chapter by chapter in each episode. They recently wrapped up season four, where they read American Baby by bestselling author Gabrielle Glaser and interviewed her in the finale episode.

Adoption: The Making of Me releases episodes weekly on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

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