In Her Element and Hotter than Ever podcasts sharing women’s stories

In Her Element and Hotter Than Ever are two podcasts that share women’s stories with all their challenges AND wins.

AI and digital expert Suchi Srinivasan and product designer Corin Lines from Boston Consulting Group talk to the women at the vanguard of technology in business, art, education and more in In Her Element. They’re digging into how these powerhouse leaders got where they are—everything from the joy of projects gone right to the realities of family responsibilities.

And crucially, asking: what was that moment you knew you weren’t merely getting there…you had arrived? That’s when you know you’re in your element!

Hotter Than Ever unearths the unconscious rules that keep us feeling trapped and taking care of everyone other than ourselves. We all have dreams, and fantasies, and grand visions for our lives, and deserve the chance to make them all come true.

Women over forty have started to realize that our fantasy of “having it all” is both a myth and a trap. We’ve jammed ourselves into someone else’s ideas of success and happiness, and while our lives might look pretty and buttoned up from the outside, there’s a rebel inside of us yearning to break free.

The podcast hears from people talking about how they broke the rules and reshaped their lives for the better. Topics include career, ambition, reinvention, relationships, divorce, dating, sex, aging, body image and more in a frank, irreverent way.

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