A real turn-off: are celebrities ruining podcasting?

In many ways the world of podcasting is in its wild west just like the internet used to be, although in some ways it still is.

As every man and his dog (or celebrities) start podcasting, does it get better or worse? That’s the question The Guardian newspaper has attempted to answer in this article.

The celebrity series has been a growth area for some time, but the last 12 months have brought a surge in projects from famouses who have found themselves at a loose end over lockdown. As a result, the celebrity podcast has become the bindweed of the audio industry, hoovering up budgets, threatening to smother the competition and, in some cases, heralding a dispiriting drop in quality.

Right now, it is almost easier to count the actors, comedians, influencers, musicians, reality TV stars and retired politicians who do not have a podcast than those who do.

The Guardian

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