Behind the Podcast is a new series on production from Acast

Acast has launched a new series called Behind The Podcast which examines production from around the Acast Creator Network and shares stories from the people working in podcasting.

It will hear from the likes of sound designers, script writers and producers from the industry.

In the first installment, Acast social media coordinator Miles Mercer caught up with Karla Patella, Sound Designer for hit podcast Sweet Bobby from Tortoise Media. She speaks about how she wielded music, sound design, and her intuition to bring the mesmerizing story of Sweet Bobby to life.

It’s important when you’re using music to ask yourself why you’re using it and whether the music is actually enhancing what’s happening, or if it’s just getting in the way. And if it’s getting in the way, I would say take it out of there. Don’t be afraid of silence.

Karla Patella

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