Derren Brown’s Boot Camp for… podcast returns for third series

Derren Brown is back on Audible with a third series of his acclaimed Bootcamp for… series.

This time, in Derren Brown’s Boot Camp for Emotion, he takes a closer look at emotions and how they play a very powerful role in everything we think, everything we say and everything we do.

In the eight-part series, Derren is joined by top behavioural scientists and diverse experts to reveal how we can control these powerful and mysterious forces which often hijack our rational thinking and lead us seriously astray.  By increasing our emotional intelligence, we can improve our lives in every conceivable way. 

Episodes include Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself exploring a range of human fears, The Green Eyed Monster on jealousy and envy, Shame on You looking at shame and guilt, What’s Love Got to Do With It? – its powerful role in our lives, The Joys of Boredom – turning it into a powerfully creative force, Such Sweet Sorrow how a negative emotion can be a creative force, What Anger Can Do For Us – managing anger and using it as a force for good and An Emotional Education – how we can bring our emotions into order and harmony.

Derren Brown’s Boot Camp for Emotion is available on Audible.

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