Experimental host free podcast coming from Pineapple Street Studios

New York based Pineapple Street Studios have come up with an interesting concept – a podcast of user content with no regular host.

No host, just user led content – will it work? They think it might, although they do point out that it’s an experiment.

Named “the 11th”, the podcast will be available on the 11th of each month with its new format based on whatever has been submitted. Their website says: “Think of it a bit like a mystery box. We want to present original reporting, personal stories, musicals, advice columns, miniseries, concept albums, and whatever else you’ve got.”

There’s flexibility on the length of content that can be submitted, they say it can be five minutes or seventy five minutes, one episode or three. The important thing is that the content will be different every month.

You might think that this sounds like the topics might be too broad to appeal to a regular audience, but the company says they will be selective as to what makes it into the podcast.

They believe there are many stories out there that don’t get told because of the restrictions of many formatted weekly shows, “We want projects that feel new and ambitious, are told uniquely well by the person pitching them, and might not currently have a home,” they say.

One of the company’s senior producers, Eric Mennel posted on Twitter: “We’re trying to change how we center who tells stories and how. Part of that, for us, is trying this without a traditional host. It’s a big experiment, and we need help.”

You can find out more about pitching your ideas HERE.

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