Huw Edwards writes foreword for new media law book

Veteran TV news presenter Huw Edwards has written the foreword to a new book about Media Law for radio, podcasts and social media.

Essential Media Law by Paul Chantler and Paul Hollins is an easy-to-understand guide illustrated with lots of real-life examples of when things have gone wrong and why.

Huw started his broadcasting career after university as a junior reporter at Swansea Sound before joining the BBC as a news trainee in 1984.

Huw writes: “Not only would I commend this work to young journalists, but I would also urge more experienced colleagues to examine its contents. Indeed, anyone determined to make their voices heard on various media platforms would be well advised to read it carefully.”

The book covers the essentials of Defamation, Contempt of Court, Privacy, Court Reporting, Election Coverage and Copyright.

It is an updated and extended version of three previous books by Chantler and Hollins aimed at broadcasters, podcasters and tweeters. 

Paul Chantler, who has spent nearly 40 years in the industry and is now a respected international media consultant, says the book brings together a lifetime of learning about media and the law.

He says: “Many radio executives think the biggest legal danger to their company comes from their journalists. The reality is, though, that it’s their presenters and DJs who are the biggest threat. 

“At least journalists usually have some legal training in college and read off pre-prepared scripts. However, presenters ad lib their links and are often untrained in law.

“The next big legal problem in radio will probably be caused by a presenter on a community radio station commenting on allegations about the local mayor that he or she has read on social media. This is potentially very dangerous.”

Smooth Radio presenter Paul Hollins says: “If you get things wrong legally, the simple act of doing a link on a music radio show, writing a news story, uploading a podcast or hitting the ‘send’ button on a tweet could cost you thousands of pounds in damages and legal costs. And in some case, you could even be jailed”.

Essential Media Journalism is available as a paperback and e-book via Amazon at £9.99. Signed copies are available at

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