Journalism app Curio launches Rio, your own AI news anchor

Curio’s co-founders Govind Balakrishnan and Srikant Chakravarti have unveiled their brand-new AI app at the 2024 South by Southwest Festival.

Named after the word for “river” in Spanish and Portuguese, Rio acts as your own news anchor, helping you navigate the news to find trustworthy information on topics you’re interested in and stories you care about.

Each day Rio scans the headlines from the world’s most trusted newspapers and magazines, including The Washington Post, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, to bring you a concise daily news briefing that you can read or listen to.

The more you chat with Rio, the more the AI learns about your preferences and interests. But unlike other AI, Rio does not lead you into an echo chamber of similar content. Instead, it finds relevant news that expands your understanding and encourages you to dive deeper into complex topics.

While fake news continues to increase and some AIs are swayed by questionable sources, Rio is different. It doesn’t fabricate information and solely depends on content from the world’s most reliable news sources.

Rio always respects the integrity of publisher partners and never uses their content to train an LLM without explicit consent.

Co-founder Govind Balakrishnan said: “We rolled out an early version of Rio as a feature on our Curio app back in May last year, and the response has been incredible. People have asked over twenty thousand questions to our AI. It’s time for Rio to have its own app.”

Co-founder Srikant Chakravarti added: “AI has us all wondering what’s true and what’s not. You can scan AI sites for quick answers but trusting them blindly is a bit of a gamble.

“Reliable knowledge is hard to come by. Only a lucky few get access to fact-checked, verified information. Rio guides you through the news, turning everyday headlines from trusted sources into knowledge. Checking the news with Rio leaves you feeling fulfilled instead of down.”

Rio is free for early users. Access is by invitation or by joining the waiting list at

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