New community for independent and ambitious podcasters launched

The Cohost is a new community for independent, ambitious podcasters looking to level up and reach their potential.

The new venture is powered by the team at Mags Creative, an independent podcast production and promotion company which reaches millions of ears every month.

After talking with hundreds of independent podcasters looking for insight and advice on how to take their podcasts to the next level, Mags Creative decided to find a sustainable and scalable way to support more individuals in growing their podcast audiences.

Based around community, the team behind The Cohost will work with talented podcasters and believes that tapping into collective knowledge from industry experts and those treading a similar path, is the formula for helping podcasters build their listenership and growth.

The Cohost is aimed at independent, ambitious podcast creators who have released 8-10 episodes and are committed to growing their podcast over the long term. Members will have a drive to work and collaborate with others, ultimately wanting to take their podcast to the next level.

The team will guide members on growth with access to weekly workshops covering topics such as ‘grow your podcast and build your audience’, Q&As with industry specialists to solve problems and brainstorm strategies, community building, including access to speed networking, and industry insights to keep up with current market trends.

Hannah Russell, co-founder of Mags Creative said: “You might start a podcast as a bit of fun, but you certainly don’t maintain and grow a podcast without some serious time investment – as well as often blood, sweat, tears and money.

“Community has always made a difference to me professionally, and we know that the same is true for podcasters. The Cohost is designed for ambitious podcasters with professional ambitions, supercharged by the power of community. By the opportunity to meet, learn from and with other podcasters, and so we all rise together.”

The Cohost is now open for sign-ups with membership at £99p/m. There are no hidden charges or fees, and once signed up, users will receive full access for the month and can cancel at any time.

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