New podcast goes inside inside Britain’s unique celebrity culture

Terribly Famous is a new podcast taking listeners inside Britain’s unique celebrity culture to chart the lives of its most iconic stars.

From the career highs to controversies, meteoric rises to missteps, each season tells the story of one of our biggest stars, launching with best-selling artist Adele, with later seasons confirmed for Victoria Beckham, Zayn Malik and Lily Allen.

Hosting the Wondery and Amazon Music podcast are actor, improviser and stand-up comedian Emily Lloyd-Saini and fellow actor, comedian and writer Anna Leong Brophy.

Terribly Famous uncovers what it’s really like to be famous. Through the rollercoaster rides of the series’ star subjects, the show explores our national obsession with celebrity by placing the audience inside the lives of icons. Hosts Emily and Anna explore lives lived inside the celebrity goldfish bowl, where everyone is watching and you’re only one step away from adulation or ignominy. 

Rich Knight, Head of UK Podcast Content, Wondery commented: “Terribly Famous tells vivid, compelling and empathetic stories about extraordinary people. It’s also a take on Britain’s celebrity culture – one in which we sometimes extract a high price for fame. We’re delighted to work with our talented hosts Emily Lloyd-Saini and Anna Leong Brophy, whose joyful and witty company will appeal to listeners everywhere.”

Emily Lloyd Saini and Anna Leong Brophy said: “We are both ridiculously excited to be joining the Wondery family with Terribly Famous! We can’t wait to dive into these incredible stories and share them with you all. Hope you all enjoy hanging out with us as much as we have been enjoying making the show!” 

Terribly Famous publishes one week early and ad-free on Amazon Music and Wondery+ from 1 August. Ad-free listening and early release available to Prime members on Amazon Music and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers.

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