Revolutionising holistic health: Reeva Misra on 40 Minute Mentor podcast

In this week’s episode of 40 Minute Mentor, James Mitra talks to Reeva Misra, Founder and CEO at Walking on Earth – a digital wellness platform that connects individuals with science-backed tools, resources and practitioners to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Passionate about using technology as a force for good, Reeva shares her early career journey, and what prompted this type of thinking.

 “I studied experimental psychology at university, and it made me incredibly fascinated by the connection between our brain, body, and the environment around us,” says Reeva. After university, I started a career in the research world, and published a few papers, but whilst doing so, I realised it just wasn’t tangible output focused enough.

“The impact factor was lacking, and that’s when I started to get really interested in the power of technology to cause that large scale impact, and social change that I just wasn’t seeing so much in the research world. That’s when I started working for various start-ups, and scale-ups more focused on social impact.”

When asked by James what challenges she overcame from navigating a business launch in a global pandemic, Reeva honestly says: “We could have never foreseen that two months into starting a company, the whole world would essentially come to a standstill. We started fundraising as a business in March, and that was really when the whole world went into lockdown.

“I remember investors saying to me, we can barely keep our own portfolio afloat, the last thing we’re going to do is invest in another company, particularly a company that’s at such an early stage. That was particularly tough, but the world quickly changed, and in a couple of months people were back investing and fundraising again. I think the most important lesson was really the ability to just adapt and pivot quickly.”

Before launching Walking on Earth, Reeva held the title of VP of Strategy at Benevolent AI. Sharing with James how you bring data and science to holistic health, she says: “I think it’s pretty indispensable to have both components.

“Ultimately, what we’re trying to do with Walking on Earth is become your AI health coach, by really taking a data driven approach to holistic health.

“At the moment when people carry out practices like yoga, meditation, healthy eating, etc, you do them, and then you just rely on feeling better in terms of your perceived emotions.

“What we want to really try and do is quantify the impact of those activities on your mental and physical health, and actually start to measure physiological improvements in your body and see how that lowers your stress levels. Then in future, being able to see how that actually leads to a lower likelihood of developing chronic disease.”

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