This Is Distorted create FREE podcasting course

A new free seven-day course from the multi-award winning content agency Distorted shares the basics of getting started in the world of podcasting.

The Power of Podcasting course covers key areas of knowledge including why you should launch your own podcast and audio brand, how to get started, the myths surrounding podcasting and how to create engaging content and build an audience.

There’s also practical advice on the nuts and bolts of actually running a regular podcast and the technology and kit you’ll need.

Alex Jungius, director at Distorted, explains the “Power of Podcasting” is there to make it accessible to anyone: “At Distorted we’re firm believers in the power of audio to tell and share amazing stories but we also understand that for many, investing in someone else to make your podcast just isn’t an option.

“That’s why we created the Power of Podcasting email course, to help people get excited about making their own show and teach them how to get up and running quickly and easily with very little investment.”

The course is useful to anyone who has been thinking of starting a podcast for a long time, have recently considered a podcast, or maybe even have a few episodes recorded but not published.

From outlining the initial process of starting your podcast to explaining and suggesting affordable equipment, this course aims to take you from idea to execution in just seven days.

Although the course highlights the accessibility and ease of creating your own podcast it explains how vital consistency is to the success of your show. Distorted have been able to make podcasting look like the enticing and profitable venture it can be whilst being transparent about the energy and resources needed to make it viable.

If you’re interested in launching your own podcast or just intrigued about the ins and outs of the process, sign up HERE.

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