Why do all podcasters need RSS?

Acast CEO Ross Adams is adamant that the podcaster must come first as far as their company is concerned. He believes it’s the creators who fuel the industry with the relationships they form with their listeners, so they should be fairly reimbursed for the content they produce.

Being properly and fairly rewarded for your craft is one of the things powering the Creator Economy and revolutionising so many industries today. In podcasting, this fair treatment relies on a thriving, open ecosystem — one that gives creators the choice to publish and monetize their show however suits them best, and that gives listeners the freedom to listen wherever they like.

Ross Adams

Because podcasting needs to be available and accessible to everyone, he says that for open podcasting RSS is the technology that powers it all.

Matt McDonald, VP Product says Acast believes RSS is the future of podcasting, and they will continue to actively embrace everything it has to offer.

Because it’s so important, Ross has explained the five reasons why podcasters should have an RSS feed for their show. It’s about reaching more people, making money from more places, being forward thinking, keeping the open ecosystem open and owning the relationship with listeners.

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