Why I Run podcast features Matthias Dandois, and Hellah Sidibe

Episode six of the Why I Run podcast hosted by TikTok sensation, Erin Azar, along with broadcaster and world record-breaking swimmer, Ayo Akinwolere features by Red Bull’s BMX athlete and world flatland champion, Matthias Dandois, and Hellah Sidibe, the first black man to run across America.

Having now run for 1,772 consecutive days, Hella shares his journey to becoming hooked, telling host Erin: “I used to hate running, and had a huge fear of it. I knew I needed to hold myself accountable in order to face that hurdle. So I set myself a challenge, pressure free, and ran for 10 minutes a day. I remember spring was in the air, the sun was shining, and I felt so free. From then I realized it wasn’t that bad, and I got hooked. I made a promise to myself that I would run everyday for a year, and now I know it’s something I’ll do for the rest of my life.”

Matthias Dandois has a similar stance on running. Comparing the feeling of running to getting a carwash and feeling brand new afterwards, the BMX athlete tells host Ayo: “I’m so hooked on running, that when I don’t run, I really miss it. My body craves running. When I come back home from a run, I feel brand new and ready for my day. It’s an incredible feeling.”

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