Wondery launches new sports and pop culture podcast series

OVER THE TOP with Beadle and Rosenberg is a new weekly podcast series launched by Wondery.

Hosted by Michelle Beadle and Peter Rosenberg, the show pits a range of sports and pop culture stories against each other in a topical “Royal Rumble” to determine who or what is the biggest story of the week.

Each round, two newsworthy stories are debated by Beadle and Rosenberg to decide which one should stay, and which should go. They’ll spend the next 90 seconds discussing them until the buzzer sounds.

A new story is then introduced, and they’ll do the whole thing all over again! One story stays and one is eliminated. The battle continues until one final story is left standing.

Michelle Beadle is a sports journalist, who has been a regular host and contributor on popular sports shows such as “SportsNation,” “Winners Bracket,” “NBA Countdown,” and “Mike Greenburg’s Get Up!”. She is currently hosting “Run it Back” on FanDuel TV.

Peter Rosenberg is a weekday morning host of New York’s Hot 97 Morning Show and afternoon host of 98.7 ESPN’s The Michael Kay Show. He’s also widely known as a WWE super-fan, WWE pay-per-view show panellist, and one-time WWE 24/7 Champion!.

The first episode of OVER THE TOP with Beadle and Rosenberg is available on all podcast platforms now.

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