Second season of hit true crime comedy podcast set to launch

Season two of the hit true crime comedy podcast, Who Shat On The Floor At My Wedding? is to launch with a new mystery to ‘solve’.

Who Shat On The Floor At My Wedding? was a question shared by brides Helen McLaughlin and Karen Whitehouse after they tied the knot on 11 August 2018 on a boat in Amsterdam.

It was a question that launched a podcast, which led to the hiring of unqualified detective Lauren Kilby, the purchase of a €99 lie detector, and the bothering of some of the world’s best forensic experts – who described their appearances on the podcast as “career suicide”.

The podcast resulting from the attempt to solve the world’s first ‘poodunnit’ became a viral word of mouth hit with more than 6.2million downloads, and it’s currently being adapted into an international TV series.

This year, the investigative trio is back with a brand-new case. Having established themselves as a detective agency specialising in the investigation of “non-crime crimes”, the trio’s selection criteria for new cases is simple: “Anything the police laugh at is a case for us.” And The Case Of The Tiny Suit/Case fits the brief.

Kristina is the ‘victim’ of this new non-crime crime and she lives in Black Lake, a small hamlet in the middle of nowhere in Sweden, 30 minutes from the nearest town.

On 7 December 2009, Kristina returned home after a weekend away to find a strange flapping object hanging on her veranda. It was a tiny three-piece navy corduroy suit, so small it would only fit a 10-year-old child (or a very tiny man).

Unnerved and confused, Kristina started asking around to find out why someone would leave such an unusual item on her porch. With her son all grown up he had no use for a child-sized suit, and nor did she. And she didn’t know any pint-sized men either.

After a while she gave up trying to solve the mystery. Then, 18 months later, another mysterious object appeared on her veranda – this time a tiny vintage leather suitcase containing a tiny pillow, a toiletries bag and toothbrush, a Hawaiian shirt, a comic magazine, used but clean underpants, skin-coloured pantyhose and a pair of vintage swimming goggles.

The 10-part series follows the trio’s bizarre journey through Sweden to find out who left the tiny suit and tiny case on Kristina’s porch, and why.

Season two of Who Shat On The Floor At My Wedding? The Case Of The Tiny Suit/Case launches on 23 May. Episodes will be published weekly on Thursdays on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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