Audry introduces new feature for growth partnerships between podcasters

Audry, the new online community connecting podcasters worldwide, has introduced a new feature to help grow podcasts and audiences.

The new feature is a simple and seamless interface enabling Audry users to quickly and easily connect and collaborate with other like-minded podcasters.

It simplifies communication by using a guided template that replaces chat messaging. Instead of responding to a chat message, the recipient can decide to accept or decline a collaboration offer.

If the offer is accepted, users will be able to chat normally; however, they will also be entering a guided workflow that reminds them of their next steps.

After successfully completing a collaboration, users will receive endorsements from the other party, accumulating authority and trust. The collaborations become a scalable channel by turning them into guided mini projects with clear action points.

Audry CEO and Co-Founder Eugenio Warglien said: “With this new feature, we introduce enhanced structure and guidance to the collaboration workflow. Successful partnerships require clear terms and coordination, which can be challenging with communication that is often asynchronous.

“We wanted to build a solution that addresses these challenges while maintaining flexibility over the type of partnerships that are supported by the platform. This new guided user flow is another significant step towards making collaborations scalable and accessible to any podcast creator, whether they have years of podcasting experience or are just getting started.

“Just a few weeks after making these new features available to the Audry community, we’re excited to see thousands of creators actively designing their partnership with the new feature.”

More than 12,000 podcast creators are collaborating and growing their podcasts on the platform, you can find out more at

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