Chelsea Green changes podcast name after Cease & Desist order

Former WWE Superstar Chelsea Green has changed the name of her new podcast after she received a Cease & Desist order.

Launched last month, it was originally called 50 Shades of Green following her WWE release, but is now called Green with Envy.

Taking to Twitter earlier, Chelsea posted: “Have you really made it if you haven’t been hit with a Cease & Desist?”

It’s not known who sent the Cease & Desist, but reports that Green filed to trademark the “50 Shades of Green” name for merchandise and various entertainment uses on 21 April.

Shortly after her first tweet, she posted a temporary new logo for the podcast and then tweeted: “As if I haven’t had a hard enough month [Upside-down face] but it’s all good, it gives me more sh*t to talk on next week’s episode of 50 shades…  oops I mean @GreenWEnvyPod.

Later, on the podcast Twitter account, Green posted: “OH, WE HAVE HAD THE SWERVE OF A LIFETIME TODAY! You better believe I’m diving into all of this on next weeks episode… f*** what I already recorded! This tea is HOT. Hot face #GreenWEnvyPod”

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