Daisy Onubogu on a new episode of 40 Minute Mentor Podcast

In this week’s episode of 40 Minute Mentor, James Mitra talks to Daisy Onubogu, Head of Network & Community at BACKED VC.

“When I first joined, the brief was relatively simple. Sequoia Capital, and other funds, especially the US, had been doing scouts, so of course Backed wanted to do scouts too. What became clear however, within a little bit of running that way, was that well we’re not Sequoia, and we don’t have Sequoia money”, says Daisy describing what encouraged her to adapt her recently appointed role as Head of Network & Community at Backed. “My role is now so much more than just building a core community – it’s about building the strategy and the infrastructure to engage the rest of the network, as it were that floats and oscillates around Backed.”

When asked by James what the key benefits are to building an engaged community, and how this can be activated, Daisy says: “Community like anything is fuel, it’s a mechanism and a medium, by which you can do certain things. If you are trying to get a group of people to do something, then there is almost no greater incentive than to tie that thing to the very bonds that they have with each other. The incentive to build an engaged community is not only that it’s a really powerful one, it’s also self-reinforcing.”

Speaking honestly with James about her experience of autism within the start-up world, Daisy shares her advice with listeners: “Try not to fall into the cliche of ‘autism is a superpower, or ADHD is a super power’. Having an autistic brain is just a different way of engaging with the world – at some point, it became really clear to your brain that it couldn’t rely on sensory information. It went with a different approach, which was to try and learn the rules, use observation, deduction and associative learning. There is nothing wrong with that, that’s amazing. In fact, it’s just as amazing as being able to sense your way through things and rely on your sense of information – they are equal and irrelevant. The reason I do just fine, is because I’ve been lucky enough to get this kind of information that I can take in. I’ve been given books since forever, so I could study everything I could about social behaviour, and why people do what they do.”

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