Head of Google for Startups UK is latest guest on Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future Podcast

The latest guest on Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future podcast is Marta Krupinska.

Marta is a London based tech entrepreneur, serving as Head of Google for Startups in the UK, where she focuses on supporting the most exciting startups using tech for social good. Co-founder of three tech startups, most notably of a global FinTech money transfer company Azimo which raised $70M+ in funding from top VC firms and serves over 1.5 million customers.

In 2018, Marta became the Head of Google for Startups UK, an initiative which supports emerging businesses.

Sharing what her role looks like, and how this particular Google model helps growing startups, Marta tells host Jimmy: “We help support early stage entrepreneurs by providing the best of Google, and we understand that as firstly, ‘our people’.

“Google has over 100,000 employees around the world, all of whom are the best at their jobs. Secondly, ‘our products’ which are so ubiquitous today, that sooner or later any tech founder will be operating in our ecosystem. Thirdly, our ‘best practices’, and as a founder myself, I see this part as highly valuable.

“Within my work, I run a small, but powerful team that finds companies in the UK, and beyond. We see the role of the UK, specifically London as a ‘hub’ for if not global startups, then at least, European, African, and Middle Eastern. We would love to see a connected world in which entrepreneurs that aren’t here, can come to London, raise money, build commercial relationships, contribute to the UK economy, as well as create jobs and opportunities wherever home is.”

Passionate about supporting underrepresented founders, Marta talks about using Google’s brand to shine a light on the important issues: “When I joined the business, there were things that were particularly important to me. Including, focusing on supporting founders that are truly solving big problems with technology. Levelling the playing field by working with women founders, and founders of colour.

“An example of this, and the most impactful piece of work that I’ve been a part of, was the Black Founders Fund. The initiative launched early last year, and we invested in 30 black led startups from Europe, 20 of which are from the UK. We deployed $2 million, and our goal was to shine a light on amazing companies, and bring other investors on board.

“Since we deployed the $2 million, six months ago, founders have already raised more than $63 million in follow on funding. To me, that is fantastic because it proves all of the people wrong that said it was a pipeline problem, and there aren’t very many black founders out there. They’re there, they’re amazing, and if you’re not investing in them, you’re missing out.”

You can hear more from Marta on the latest Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future, available on Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud, and all major podcast platforms.

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