New podcast growth technology Trailergram launched

Trailergram™ is a new advertising product that helps podcasters discover, grow, and retain new listeners.

Launched by Amaze Media Labs, Trailergram uses advanced AI targeting to reach a show’s ideal audience, drives consumption, and keeps fans engaged with mobile push notifications.

It works by promoting podcasts with ads on high-quality websites with contextually relevant articles, exposing the show to millions of potential listeners.

When people interact with the ad, they can watch or hear the podcast trailer, follow the show, listen to episodes, and opt-in for push notifications about new episodes.

Trailer plays, ad views and opt-in reports for campaigns are available in Trailergram’s analytics dashboard. It works for podcasters of all sizes from independent creators to large networks.

Pricing is based on a guaranteed number of podcast trailer plays. Amaze Media Labs has partnered with Cloudflare to certify and ensure accuracy and full transparency with consumption.

“The team at Amaze has created amazing audience development tools that have helped us find an audience for our shows,” said Anjay Nagpal, Founder of Entropy Media Podcast Network. “They are incredibly collaborative and working with them has been a pleasure.”

“Without predictable and efficient tools to attract and keep listeners, even the best podcasts can struggle to thrive,” said Robert Tuchman, Co-Founder of Amaze Media Labs. “We’ve put Trailergram to the test, and it’s a game changer. Now, any podcast creator can use it – let’s all grow together.”

“Trailergram is the first product emerging from the labs following our strategic acquisition of podcast ad network Rockable in March,” said Brett Sklar, Co-Founder of Amaze Media Labs. “We’re in a unique position working with large brands and developing proprietary podcast technology. Every day, we introduce people to podcasts and convert them into loyal listeners.”

Trailergram is available to anyone in the podcast industry for the first time. For more details or to book a demo visit the Trailergram website.

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